The Ad frequency debate – latest

Austereo’s Michael Anderson has written to Ad News with a few specifics about the on-going debate over ad frequency and placement. The letter reads:

Dear Samantha,

I must clarify some of the errors which have crept into the healthy debate on what truly drives recall for radio listeners (Ad News 25 Oct).

When our competitors started promoting their advertising format the exact phrase they used was “THINK IMPACT, NOT FREQUENCY”. It was written into their presentation. They said it to clients.

Now they are appearing in the media claiming they never brought the value of frequency into question. It was because the benefits of frequency were directly questioned – flying in the face of our combined industry experience – that Austereo decided to commission research which looked at what actually happens in the real world.

How to generate recall and how much to pay for it are very important questions for advertising agencies, buying houses and clients.

I encourage you to look at all the research and make your judgment, based on accurate information.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Anderson,

Executive Director Sales Strategy & Operations, Austereo