Alan Jones hints at radio comeback on 2SM’s John Laws show

As foreshadowed here on radioinfo last week, Alan Jones was on air for about half an hour with John Laws on his 2SM morning show today.

While Jones and Laws talked about news and politics, the most interesting parts of the conversation were about the rivalry between the two and whether Jones is likely to return to radio.

Laws admitted to “differences” during the early days when the two worked together but said those times were long behind him.

Jones said that what people who talk about the rivalry between the two personalities don’t understand is that with two busy shows right after eachother the pair had very little time to talk on most days.

As for Alan moving back onto radio, Laws was straight to the point asking Jones, “Do you want a job?”
To which Jones replied, “Put a bit of paper in front of me, you know what it’s like, it’s the same old rules isn’t it, you put a bit of paper in front of somebody. They are putting bits of paper in front of me I have to tell you.”
Laws told him, “Oh, be careful what you do. Why don’t you come here and work with me, we could set the world on fire you and me?””

“Why not?” said Jones
As the conversation finished the two played up the suggestion that they might be heard on air together again on 2SM and praised the network owner Bill Caralis.

The news bulletin following the conversation led with a clip of Jones and Laws recalling when they worked together, the fun they had and the impact they made.

Jones’ current contract with Sky News expires in November this year.


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