Alan Jones program to face a review

2GB advertisers have received a letter from Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate promising a review into Alan Jones program after it fell below the community standards expected of the broadcaster.

According to the SMH, the letter follows a boycott by over 100 advertisers to the Alan Jones program and to 2GB after comments made by Jones on-air in August that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should have a sock shoved down her throat.

Mr Tate insists that Jones had not intended any harm from the comments, and that Jones had apologised to the NZ PM.
The review will not only take in the breakfast program on 2GB/4BC/2CC, but all other 2GB/4BC programs.
In the letter to advertisers Mr Tate said “Of course, we have seen valued commercial partners withdraw from Alan’s program, but the fact is we got it wrong in the first place and we must now do everything possible to ensure that doesn’t happen again.”

The boycott on the Jones program has been led by two social media activist groups, Mad F–king Witches and Sleeping Giants Oz, and media sources have estimated that so far it has cost Macquarie Media over $1 million



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