Alan Jones’ Revealing Cash for Comment Interview

2GB breakfast host, Alan Jones, has revealed he disposed of his third party arrangements, in the wake of the cash for comment affair.

In an interview with Nova 969’s Paul Murray, due to air tonight and tomorrow from 10.00, Jones repeats his view that cash for comment was a ‘fiction’, but goes on to say he has pared back many of his personal sponsorship deals.

“I’m not paid by any of them now, because it’s just too stupid. You leave yourself open to this ridiculous sort of comment.”

He also gives Murray an insight into what it is like to sit around watching tv with John Howard, and why Jones does not like going to footy matches anymore.

Unfortunately, for Hollywood producers, Jones has ruled himself out as a future James Bond.

“I don’t think so. I think there’ll be sufficient talent around.

“There are some people I’d like to sort of hoist in with the sharks if there’s a role for all that, but James Bond … no.

“I think I’d be a terrible type of spy, because I’d most probably talk too much!”

Paul Murray is making an impact on the late night timeslot with a program which mixes talk, comedy and music.

Last survey, the show was up one point and is second placed FM program in that shift.