Alexa gets the RadioApp skill #RadioAlive2018

“Your industry is very complicated, which KIIS is it, which Nova do you want to listen to… There was a lot of work involved to make it so simple.”
Commercial Radio Australia have launched the RadioApp skill for Alexa, which makes it simple and convenient for listeners to ask Alexa to play any of nearly 300 Australian AM, FM and DAB+ digital radio stations.
Speaking at Radio Alive today, CRA’s CEO, Joan Warner says “Listening to radio is one of the most popular uses for smart speakers, so the Australian radio industry has created a voice experience that works easily and seamlessly across all Alexa-enabled devices,”
“Consumers have high expectations of technology, and more than ever, radio is working together as an industry to ensure our local Australian content is easily available on every platform and device.”
The RadioApp skill is now available for listeners to access simply by asking Alexa to play their favourite radio station by name or frequency. For example:

  • “Alexa, play 2GB
  • “Alexa, play Smooth FM
  • “Alexa, play 103.5
  • “Alexa, play Triple M

To help find the right station, the skill uses the postcode the device is registered to, as radioinfo found out at the Alexa conference exhibition stand today.


Country Manager, Alexa Skills Australia and New Zealand, Kate Burleigh says, “Australians are known as rapid adopters of new technology, and they also spend a significant part of the day listening to radio, so we’re very excited to work with broadcasters to help listeners tune into their favorite stations using only their voice,
“Brands have built skills so that Alexa can deliver their services to customers by voice.

“Congratulations Commercial Radio in Australia for the phenomenal job in getting 315 radio stations with 3465 ways of saying the station names onto Alexa. There was a lot of great problem solving to bring these stations to life on Alexa.”

“The RadioApp skill for Alexa is the latest example of how to bring the simplicity and convenience of voice-technology to listeners.”
The skill was developed by CRA with leading mobile radio solutions provider All in Media (AIM) and will be promoted through a marketing campaign including on-air promotion and advertising across commercial radio stations nationally and should make it easier for consumers to find Australian stations from among tens of thousands of radio stations worldwide.

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