Audio is undergoing a global renaissance: Joan Warner #RadioAlive2018

Opening today’s Radio Alive conference, Joan Warner said radio “continues to be the most accessible audio medium.”
“Radio’s influence and reach is sometimes forgotten… the live and local nature of Australian radio enables connection in a way no other medium can.
“Radio has always been willing to embrace innovation… we must continue to be proactive and nimble.”
Warner announced some new initiatives including a world first radio listening test using a combination of diaries and electronic meters. See related report.
“We want to make sure we use all the tools available…”
Warner also announced new initiatives for smart speakers (see related report).
“Voice activation is the next big leap forward… we want to make sure that listeners can use these devices to access radio easily… In the US, smart speaker ownership doubled last year and we expect similar growth in Australia of this technology.”
Radio is also investing heavily in the podcasting sector. “We have the expertise and experience to drive audience and advertising… the radio industry will establish a podcast working group to interact with major players and provide advice to the industry in research, reporting and education.
“This is the first time in the world that radio will be  working together on a podcasting strategy.”

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