Radio moves forward with automation #RadioAlive2018

Commercial Radio Australia is moving forward to Phase 2 of an industry wide project to automate and simplify the buying of radio.
Phase 1 has resulted in the roll out of the AudioNET automated holding software RadioMATRIX.
The industry wide system, live since October 2017 and paperless since July 2018, is now used by 131 advertising agencies and 380 radio stations.
The sophisticated software allows agencies to interact with a radio stations’ traffic management system electronically and without the burden of a previously excessive paper trail.
Driving take up within the industry is the double confirmation security strategy that ensures advertisers are correctly and securely linked to agencies.
Speaking at Radio Alive, Cathy O’Connor, chief executive officer of Nova Entertainment, and inaugural chair of the CRA Automation & Programmatic Committee says: “As an industry we are extremely pleased with progress to date and the on-time rollout of Phase 1. The Board of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has now approved extending the partnership with AudioNET to move forward with Phase 2 of the project.
“By this time next year, the industry will have three additional modules – Mini Holdings, Direct and Electronic Bookings. Also, by this time next year we expect to be talking to agencies about programmatic trading trials to collaboratively explore the most effective way of trading not only broadcast but digital and podcast inventory.”
AudioNET will continue to work collaboratively with radio stations, agencies and large direct clients to build on the RadioMATRIX platform and further streamline the radio buying process.
AudioNET chief executive officer, Dave Cox said: “We’re thrilled to be moving forward in partnership with the commercial radio industry. This is definitely a world first for radio. Feedback on Phase 1 has been positive highlighting improved security for station, advertiser and agency data and a significant reduction in double handling for agency staff.”
“Over the next 12 months, Phase 2 will introduce an electronic bookings module for agencies and large direct clients. At the completion of Phase 2 the industry will be ready for the development, and testing with agencies, of a live e-trading platform,”

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