Allan and Cliff Rock the Fringe

With a lack of local comedians at this year’s Busselton Fringe, Triple M Southwest’s Cliff & Allan signed on for a two man show, but not before Allan was reduced to convincing / begging Cliff to try stand-up comedy for the first time in his 60 years.

After months of planning the pair hit the stage and performed an hour of comedy that comprised of sketches, crowd participation and paying homage to Johnny Carson. With costumes changes and a closing number, patrons got a hell of a show.

Alan says, “Working with Cliff was so much fun, it’s still hard to believe he had never done stand up before. He killed it and was a natural up there, I’m super proud of him.”

The proceeds from the show will be going to SAFE Busselton and Allan has already begun writing their next show, though Cliff says “I think people had some laughs, had some compliments which was nice, people are now asking if there is going to be another one which is no.”


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