Amsterdam community station under pressure

In Amsterdam Radio 100 is “under pressure” from a new national policy which wants to “commercially exploit ALL FM and AM frequencies” which may forced it to give up its free place on air after 20 years of non-commercial broadcasting.

A station spokesperson said: “It’s becoming time that the Amsterdam politicians see and support the importance of Radio 100 so a solution will be found whereby the anoying illegality disappears and the Radio 100 makers can feel more at ease and more can be invested in the station itself. For the amount of money for 1 year official radio making Radio 100 can deliver 5 years of great radio!”

Radio 100 is undertaking publicity to demonstrate that it “has a place in diverse cultural communities in Amsterdam and it even enjoys worldwide esteem.”

On the 29th August the station is hosting performances at Paradiso nightclub to “show some musically and soundscape-like things coming out of Radio 100, what kind of artists perform live in the studio and give us their material, and also some
renowned Radio 100 DJ’s/Mixers.”

Performance styles at the event and on the station include:
Beeps & Clicks, Loops, Punk, Bunker Techno, Dub, Experimental
Madness, Elektronics en Electro from Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France, Belgium, USA and Japan.

The event will also be broacast on radio 100 and the station’s website