An industry champion: AFTRS honours Glenn Daniel

The family of Glenn Daniel has thanked the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) for a posthumous honour bestowed upon the award-winning journalist at its annual graduation ceremony.

Glenn was awarded a Master of Screen and Broadcast  during an emotional ceremony watched online by friends and family, including Glenn’s son James in the US.

Presenting the honorary award, AFTRS chairman and 3AW Breakfast co-host Russell Howcroft said Glenn is remembered as a multi-award winning broadcaster who reported on and presented news that shaped our world for four decades.

“He was well known as a champion of young professionals, and was a guest and mentor of AFTRS since 1995.”

Glenn’s son Mark proudly accepted the award, taking to the stage to pay tribute to his beloved dad, who passed away in December at the age of 60.

“On behalf of my father, I’m so grateful to accept this. We’re both overwhelmed with the amount of messages we’ve received about the impact he’s had on people’s careers, for giving his time to help mentor people starting in the industry and his determination to uphold the integrity of the newsroom.”

Mark said his dad’s involvement with AFTRS was very important to him.

“My father was proud of his work here. When I came to him with a desire to get into audio production, the first thing he suggested was to attend AFTRS myself.”

“His impact on radio and radio newsrooms was significant, and his impact on the industry is further solidified with this honorary degree.”

Brother Terry says Glenn’s memory and his broadcasting legacy continue to live on:

“Thank you to the AFTRS team for this wonderful recognition of Glenn’s service to the broadcasting industry and his passion for wanting to give back his knowledge and his desire to mentor upcoming students in radio journalism.”