Analysis: Survey 2 2016

Our top line analysis of networks and cities.

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Southern Cross Austereo

Triple M

It was a good survey overall for Triple M with Adelaide the standout.

The Ms were relatively steady in the biggest markets, down slightly in Sydney, but more importantly for the network, up slightly in Melbourne for the second survey in a row reversing a worrisome downward trend.

In Brisbane, Triple M gave up some of the ground it captured last time but remains well ahead of where it was two surveys ago.

In Adelaide, the station tied with Nova for number one spot relegating the hitherto unassailable MIX102.3 to 3rd. A spectacular feat for a station that was clinically dead not so long ago.

Meanwhile in Perth, long time leader for SCA, MIX 94.5 is struggling to retain its crown with Nova93.7 just 0.1 behind.

hit Network

In Sydney, 2Day’s Rove & Sam stayed rock steady on 3.0 while the station eased up a tad (0.2) to a 4.2 share overall with Hamish & Andy’s Drive show contributing the biggest boost – up 1.1 to a heroic 6.6 considering the station average.

In Melbourne, while slipping slightly, FOX remains strong at number two but the gap between it and FM leader, GOLD has widened to 0.7.

In Brisbane, though, the hit brand continues to rise having found acceptance among 18-24s to the tune of a 38.4 share of that demographic. A solid result in Adelaide too, hit107 waxed on 0.8 to reach a 10.9 share overall. But in Perth, hit 92.9 waned a bit, but managed to stay in double digits on a 10.3 share and 4th place.


It was a pretty good day for ARN with both it’s children, KIIS and GOLD competing and complementing each other. Not to mention its national Drive show Hughesy and Kate went up just about everywhere.

In Sydney, KIIS dropped slightly, but no matter, it’s still #1 FM on 9.4 with sister, WSFM in solid second place on 8.1 after gaining 1.1.

In Melbourne, KIIS edged upwards a tad to a 6.6 share and still has much work to do. But no matter, GOLD is #1 FM, 0.7 ahead of FOX.

If they were sweating on 97.3FM losing first place in Brisbane, they needn’t have worried as the station put on a spurt of 1.7 to kick away from an also rising Nova with the former increasing its lead by 2.1. 4KQ remained pretty steady, returning an 8.0 share.

It is in Adelaide, which for many years was a set and forget market, where ARN is running into some headwinds. Last time we spoke to Content Supremo, Duncan Campbell, he admitted there was a worrying downward trend for both MIX and Cruise. And while MIX remained steady on  11.4 it was overtaken by both Nova and Triple M, relegating it to 3rd place after years of hogging 1st.

Meanwhile in Perth, ARNs latest addition to the network, 96FM gaining 0.5 to reach 8.4. However, it is still well behind and languishing in 6th place.


It was anything but smooth sailing for the smoothfm brand. In Sydney, 95.3 went from a 6.9 two surveys ago to an 8.6 and back to 6.9 this time. Meanwhile, in Melbourne 91.5 has gone from a 6.9 to a 7.8. And these are stations that essentially sound the same in both markets. Still management couldn’t be (much) happier with smooth’s overall performance.

Over in the Nova camp, though, things are not quite as rosy. The Sydney station continues to struggle to stay in touch with the FM leaders, dipping to a 5.9 share.  In Melbourne it is in a heated battle with KIIS as both stations rebuild and try to claw their way up the FM ladder.

In Brisbane, though, Nova had a nice rise. Only trouble was that 97.3’s rise was even nicer leaving Nova at #2 in the market. But in Adelaide it is #1, in a tie with Triple M while in Perth it is just 0.1 away from the market leader, MIX.

Macquarie Media Ltd

A good result for 2GB (up 0.5) but a fabulous one for 3AW which put on 2.3 to post a 15.1 share – a staggering 5.2 ahead of second placed ABC774 which itself is 1.0 ahead of third place GOLD.

Even the beleaguered 4BC managed a 0.4 gain to reach a modest 5.4 but 6PR in Perth shed 0.6 while in Adelaide the Nova Entertainment owned FIVEaa dropped 0.4 to land on a 9.2.

Nonetheless, 2UE remains a problem child for the one year old merged entity slumping to a 3.6 share with losses across all shifts including its once all-conquering weekend line-up.

The Magic music network comprising 2CH Sydney , Magic 1278 Melbourne and Magic 882 Brisbane are run on a shoestring with ratings results to match. 2CH which is best resourced of the three leads with a 3.6 share while 1278 gets 2.7 and  882 is on a 2.3.

ABC Local Radio

As is the case, more often than not, it was an up and down performance from the ABC’s local radio network but in a relatively narrow band between a high of 12.2 in Adelaide and a low of 9.7 in Sydney and Perth. 

With that 9.7 in Sydney and a 10.0 share in Melbourne both stations remain entrenched in second place behind perennial market leaders 2GB and 3AW, respectively.

triple j

Coming off their seasonal summer highs, triple j suffered losses in the Brisbane and Adelaide markets and Melbourne where it tumbled 2.2 down to a 4.6 share overall.

In Perth, traditionally triple j’s happiest hunting ground, the station gained 0.9 to land on a 10.6. 

In Sydney the js edged up to a very respectable 7.8 share placing it 3rd on the FM band, well ahead of Nova, Triple M and smoothfm.



Across the country, the Drive shift is being watched carefully to see the effect of Hamish and Andy. This surey the SCA Duo has come up number one nationally in that timeslot, Here are the national numbers for Hamish and Andy timeslot:  Hit 10.5%, Nova 10.4%, KIIS 10.1%, MMM 8.8%.


Smooth dropped most in Sydney, down 1.7 share points from its strong position in the 8s, to 6.9%. WSFM jumped most, gaining 1.1 to 8.1%.

Market leader 2GB gained 0.5 to 12.1%, followed by ABC702 on 9.7%, up 0.7.

Third placed KIIS slipped by 0.4 to 9.4%, followed in fourth by WSFM on 8.1% then triple j on 7.8%.

KIIS won 10-17s and 25-39s, triple j won 18-24s, WS won 40-54s and 2GB won the over 55s.

2GB won breakfast ahead of ABC702, closely followed by KIIS.

2GB won all other shifts except drive, which was won by KIIS this survey,


Market leader 3AW had the biggest rise in Melbourne this survey, up 2.3 share points to 15.2%.

Triple J fell most, down 1.8 to 4.6% overall and stablemate ABC774 also dropped significantly, losing 1.1 share points to 10% overall.

First and second place in Melbourne is talk, with 3AW followed by ABC774. Third placed Gold gained 0.1 to score 9.0%.

Fox was in fourth place, down 0.3 to 8.3%, followed by Triple M, up 0.3 on 7.2%.


The biggest winners in Brisbane were 97.3, which gained 1.7 share points and hit105.3, which was up 1.1 share points overall.

The biggest losers were triple j, down 1.4 and Triple M, down 1.1 overall.

First placed 97.3 scored 13.8% overall, followed by Nova in second place on 11.7%, up 0.7.

Third placed hit105.3 scored 11.4%, followed by ABC612 on 10.1%, up 0.5.

Triple M slipped into fifth place on 9.7%.


Triple M had the biggest gain in Adelaide, up 1.3 share points to 11.5%, while triple j fell most, down 1.3 to 6.8%.

First placed ABC891 slipped 0.3 to 12.3%, followed by Triple M and Nova, tied for second on 11.5%.

Third placed Mix was steady on 11.4%, followed by hit107, up 0.8 to 10.9%.

In fifth place was FIVEaa, down 0.4 to 9.2%.


Mix94.5 suffered the biggest fall in Perth, down 1.2 to 13.8%, but still managed to hold on to top spot by 0.1 of a share point.

Second placed Nova was just a whisker behind, steady, on 13.7%.

Third placed triple j scored 10.6%, up 0.9, followed by hit92.9, down 0.6 to 10.3%,

Fifth placed ABC720 was down 0.3 to 9.7%.


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