Analysis: Survey 7 2015

In a survey with little dramatic movement, ABC612 Brisbane had the biggest share rise across the 5 cities. Smooth Sydney slipped a little and Hamish and Andy have not yet got the traction around the country that was expected.

Our analysis of networks and cities is below.

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Nova Entertainment

smoothfm keeps on keeping on for Nova Entertainment. Melbourne was up today, reaching it’s highest score yet on 8.1, while Sydney eased back to a 7.4. Matters not, both stations are sitting near the top of the FM ratings. More importantly, smooth has carved out its own niche in the market and is likely to return steady numbers for some time to come.

On the Nova side of things, any day when the brand rises in both Sydney and Melbourne is a good one and this is such a day. In Sydney Nova 969 snuck into the 7s (7.2) on the back of a huge 1.1 rise for Kate, Tim & Marty.

In Melbourne, the Nova Drive team showed that they weren’t about to fold to to the stiff competition, albeit with a more modest gain but a gain nonetheless where main rivals Hamish and Andy and Hughesy and Kate lost a little ground.

In Brisbane too, Nova went up slightly but not near as much as market leader 97.3 FM leaving Nova equal number two with ABC 612 on a 11.3 share.

In Adelaide and Perth the Nova shed a little in share but so little no one should care.

Southern Cross Austereo

Triple M maintained a steady pace in Sydney (no change) and Melbourne (up 0.1) while others bobbed around in the swell.

Brisbane, though, took a broadside losing 1.2 to be well behind the market leaders, out of double digits and in 5th place on 9.1. This is offset by a resurgent hit105.3.

Things were better in Adelaide with a slight (0.3) gain.

The best performer in The hit Network is in Melbourne where FOX consolidated its number one FM status on the back off a solid breakfast show and Hamish and Andy’s runaway Drive show on a 12.6 – 4.9 ahead of the station’s overall share.

Not so good in Sydney where H & A are struggling on less than half their Melbourne figures and are well behind the leaders. Of course, it’s much harder to perform on a station with a 3.5 share overall and a breakfast show on 2.9. With Rove & Sam now installed it would seem the only direction for hit104.72Day is up.

Brisbanites, however, seem to have taken to the hit brand giving it a 1.1 thumbs up which was good enough to catapult it into double figures and to 4th place overall. In Adelaide hit107 eaed back a little to land on a 9.0 share.

Meanwhile in Perth it seems the locals have taken none too kindly to their beloved 92.9 having a “hit” stuck in front of it. The station lost 1.3.

But no one in SCA head office would be tempted to meddle with the now venerable Mix94.5 brand. It went up to remain well on top of the Perth book with a 15.2 share.


A steady performance form ARN with a slight upward trend overall between both its Gold and KIIS stations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane’s 97.3 consolidated its lead with a solid gains while the 4KQ on the AM band dropped some share but no matter – MIX 102.3 in Adelaide stayed well in the lead while Cruise1323 put on 0.5 to land on a respectable 8.7 share.

In Perth it seems the locals have not yet embraced, let alone KIISsed their new looking, new sounding 96FM. The station lost 1.4 in share to arrive at an 8.0 which relegates it to 7th.


MRN, Talk and Sport

Despite 2GB and Alan Jones losing some share, the station remains atop the Sydney survey as does 3AW, which managed a slight uptick, in Melbourne. 2UE was also steady on 5.0.

In other cities where historically music dominates things were a little different. Brisbane’s 4BC remains worrisome having shed 0.6 to land on a 5.9 whereas, in Perth 6PR continues it’s slow resurgence… up 0.3 to 8.7.

In Adelaide, Nova Entertainment’s normally well performed FIVEaa, nominally affiliated with the MRN talk network, dropped a bundle. Down 1.6 to a 9.9 share.

Sky Sport Radio in Sydney stayed steady on 0.8 while in Melbourne SEN did the same but on 4.0.


ABC Local

Up in Sydney, down in Melbourne. Up in Brisbane and in Adelaide too and pretty steady (down 0.1) in Perth. That was the story for ABC Local Radio in GfK Survey 7.

For Sydney’s 702 it’s the second solid gain since Survey 5 when they were sitting on a 7.9 share overall. Now they’re on 10.3 – the only station, other than market leader 2GB, in double figures.

774 in Melbourne is on a 10.2 share, down from 10.7 two surveys ago.

The biggest share movement in the network was in Brisbane where 612put a burst of 1.5 to land it on 11.3 equal number two with Nova. Not bad in a music town.

triple j

It was a remarkably steady result for the js with only a a point or two up or down in each city except for Perth – always triple j’s happiest hunting ground – where the brand elevated itself to a 11.3 share putting it into third place overall, not far behind Nova.




ABC702 had the biggest rise this survey, up 1.4 share points to 10.3%. 2GB and smooth fell by 0.8.

2GB remains top of the market on 12.0%, with ABC702 retaining its second place position.

KIIS moved up to third position on 7.7%, with a rise of 0.2 share points overall, pushing smooth fm out of the position it gained last survey.

WSFM and triple j tied for fourth place on 7.5, both gaining 0.2 share points. Smooth fm was fifth on 7.4% and Nova was sixth on 7.2%, after a gain of 0.5.

KIIS won 10-17s just ahead of Nova, triple j won 18-24s, Nova won 25-39s, ABC702 won 40-54s just ahead of WSFM and 2GB won the over 55s.

Breakfast was won by 2GB ahead of ABC702 and KIIS. 2GB also won mornings, afternoons and evenings. ABC702 won drive. Smooth won weekends.


There was little dramatic movement in the Melbourne market, with the biggest swings being a 0.5 dip to ABC774.

First placed 3AW gained 0.2 to 14.5%, followed by ABC774 on 9.8%.

Fox was third in the market, up 0.2 to 9.4%, followed by Gold, up 0.2 to 8.3%.

Nova Entertainment’s smooth fm was in fifth place, up 0.4 to 8.1%.

Fox won all the under 40 demographics, Gold won 40-54s, 3AW won the over 55s.

3AW won breakfast ahead of ABC774 then Fox. 3AW won all shifts except drive, which was won by Hamish and Andy on Fox in their home town.


Unlike some other markets, there was volatility in Brisbane, with some significant rises and falls. Hit, 97.3 and ABC612 all gained significantly, while Triple M suffered the biggest loss this survey.

Market leader 973FM consolidated its lead with a rise of 1.3 share points to 13.8%.

Nova and ABC612 tied for second place on 11.3%, with ABC612 up 1.5 and Nova gaining 0.4. Hit was third, up 1.1 to 10.9%, with good gains across all daytime shifts.

Fourth placed Triple M dropped 1.2 to 9.1%, followed by fifth placed 4KQ on 7.8%, down 0.6.

Nova won 10-17s, hit1053 won 18-24s, Nova won 25-39s, 973 won 40-54s, 4KQ won 55-64s and ABC612 won the over 65s.

ABC612’s Spencer Howson (pictured) won breakfast, followed by 973FM and Nova. 973FM won mornings and afternoons, hit1053 won drive, Nova won evenings and 973 won weekends.


ABC Classic FM had the biggest rise fo the survey, up 1.0 share points, while FIVAaa had the biggest fall, down 1.6.

First placed Mix 102.3 dropped 0.5 to 14.7%, followed by ABC891, up 0.2 to 10.3%.

Third placed Nova 91.9 slipped 0.4 to 10.1%, followed by 5AA in fourth place, down 1.6 to 9.9%. Fifth placed Triple M scored 9.1%, up 0.3.

Nova won 10-17s, hit107 won 18-24s, triple j won 25-39s, Mix won 40-64s, ABC891 won the over 65s.

Mix 102.3 and ABC891 tied for dominance of the breakfast timeslot this survey. Mix won the morning, afternoon and drive shifts. 5AA won evenings and Mix won weekends.


96fm and hit92.9 suffered the biggest falls this survey, while Mix and triple j had the biggest gains.

Max 94.5 consolidated its top spot with a gain of 0.9 share points to 15.2%

Second placed Nova 93.7 lost 0.2 to 11.9% and third placed triple j gained 0.9 to score 11.3%.

Hit929 lost 1.3 to 9.7%, dropping to fourth place. ABC720 was fifth on 9.0%, down 0.1.

Nova won 10-17s, triple j won 18-39s, Mix won 40-64s and ABC720 won the over 65s.

Nova won the breakfast timeslot ahead of Mix and ABC720. Mix won mornings and afternoons, Nova won drive, ABC720 won evenings and Mix won weekends.

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