Galey, Ross and Charli stay awake for Mental Health

On Friday, the Breakfast folk at Sea 90.9 on the Gold Coast, Galey, Ross and Charli stayed on air for 27 hours straight and continually walked in teams the whole time to raise awareness for mental health.

Ross says, “We had a heap of people that came down to tell us there story about their dealings with mental health that really blew us away.

“We also were walking in teams the whole time. Some of the enthusiasts walked over 100kms! Also a lot of delirious radio,  especially during the dawn, says Ross Wallman.


Thank you once again to everyone who was apart of our 27 hour OB for Livin to raise awareness for mental health. It was an amazing experience and we'd do it all over again! #GaleyToTheRescue #ItAintWeakToSpeak

Posted by 90.9 Sea FM on Sunday, November 8, 2015

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