Anti-Discrimination Action Against Laws

An outraged lawyer will reportedly take radio veteran, John Laws, to the Anti-Discrimination Board over controversial comments made against ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ star, Carson Kressley.

According to The Sun Herald, James Thomson will argue serious homosexual vilification, along with incitement of hatred and violence towards homosexuals.

Laws’ comments were made on Wednesday after Kressley’s involvement in judging the ‘Fashions in the Field’ at the Melbourne Cup.

Among many descriptions, the 2UE morning star described the American as ‘a pillow biter’ and ‘a pompous little pansy prig’.

Laws maintains he was joking and has told The Sun Herald he is shocked at the Anti-Discrimination Board complaint.

“I’m stunned. I mean, to suggest I’m homophobic is nonsense. This man (Carson) has made his living, sending up heterosexual men.

“And, I can’t believe anybody would take what I said seriously. It was obvious I was joking.

“I’m not going to apologise for what I said because I was having fun – it was a funny piece of radio.

“But, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody and, if anybody is seriously hurt by this, then I apologise to those people.”

Thomson has also lodged a complaint with 2UE.