Anzac Day on ABC Extra

Coverage will stay in Oz, but cover services in several states.

Triple M will broadcast from Gallipoli, 3AW from Afghanistan. Anzac Day will get the ABC treatment as well on special event digital radio station, ABC Extra.

The pop-up station will broadcast from April 24 to 26, featuring Dawn Services in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, as well as the Anzac Day March in Melbourne.

With a mix of live coverage and special interview programs, listeners can also expect social history features and extended conversations from the ABC’s Richard Fidler, Margaret Throsby, Andrew Dunkley and Andrew West.

Other programming will include:

A special from the Regional Content Manager and Breakfast Presenter for ABC Western Plains, Andrew Dunkley, who has spent five years researching Stan Dunkley, his grandfather and his time in the First World War with the 18th Battalion.

ABC Radio National’s Andrew West speaks with two military chaplains, a serving officer who’s devised a faith-training manual for Christian ADF personnel and a former army member, about some of the moral and spiritual issues involved in bringing religious belief and military service together.

ABC Radio National’s Sheila Pham explores the Vietnamese rock music scene during the Vietnam War. These songs were heard in the streets of Saigon by Australian service men and women.