ARN’s new regional news expansion plan starts in South Australia

ARN is turning its attention to the expansion of regional news, announcing the launch of the first phase of its new plans starting with heritage stations South Australia.

The first phase includes the introduction of a series of local news initiatives in the Spencer Gulf and Eyre Peninsula regions which will see stations broadcast an extended 20-minute local news bulletin every Friday that takes an in-depth look at the week’s big stories.

The bulletins will kick off from 8:40am ACST and also be available as a podcast via ARN’s iHeart app.

Titled iHeart Spencer Gulf and iHeart Eyre Peninsula, the extension to podcast allows listeners to access the content when it suits them.

Led by Fiona Ellis-Jones, ARN’s Head of News & Information, these initiatives are said to mark the beginning of ARN’s expansion plans across other regional markets.

“ARN recognises the importance of local news in regional communities, and we’re excited to be launching our extended bulletins and longer form content to the residents of Spencer Gulf and the Eyre Peninsula, providing them with the news they need and deserve,” said Ellis-Jones.

“We will continue to invest in regional newsrooms and look forward to expanding our offerings across all our regional markets. Our goal is to establish deeper connections with local communities as we keep them informed and up to date on local issues.”

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