Ashton Turner scorches teammates on Heidi, Xavier & Ryan

The Twenty20 player dished the dirt on his fellow Perth Scorchers.

In studio to chat about the Scorcher’s current Big Bash success, Turner was pitched a googly when Heidi, Xavier & Ryan spun the interview to get the  gossip on his fellow teammates, information that Turner was only too happy to hand over!
“Who is the most annoying in the change rooms?”
Ryan asked.
“Mitchell Johnson has taken over from Brad Hogg,” Turner said. “He gets me in headlocks all the time!”
The spinner also threw Mitch “Notorious Ladies Man” Marsh, Michael “On-Field Sledger” Klinger and Mitch “Thinks He Should Play For Australia” Johnson under the bus.
Turner didn’t hold back when answering questions about himself, specifically about his relationship status.
“I’m very single at the moment,” he confessed. “I’m Mitch Marsh’s right hand man!”

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