Austereo shuts down audio streaming

Austereo has shut down the internet audio streams of its radio stations. Over the past few weeks FOX FM, 2DAYFM and other Austereo stations have progressively switched off their live feeds. Speaking to AMT, Austereo’s Brad March said it was a matter of cost:

AMT: Are you turning off all your audio program feeds?
March: Yes  

AMT: Why? 
March: Because we don’t see the benefit. There is benefit in having internet sites, but not in streaming at this stage. We target survey areas, there is no benefit to us if someone wants to listen to FOX FM in Darwin.

AMT: Was the decision made primarily because of cost?  
March: Yes. It is very expensive to stream audio as we were doing it. 
AMT: How much?  
March: Hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were hoping agencies would get more involved in targeting ads on our feed, but it is too early days for that, the ad agencies are not ready. Also the numbers of listeners are not there yet.

AMT: So are you over the internet? 
March: No. Long term it will become cost effective and then we may well resume. But we will still be using our website for imaging the station, competitions, and also for listeners to be able to download and replay segments – like sketches from the breakfast show and things like that.


AMT: Finally, what do you think of Nova? 
March: It’s too early to tell.


This is an archival story from when radioinfo was known as AMT.



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