B105: How to get a face to face aircheck with the Head of Content?

When B105’s late night show, Sam & Dom, found out that Craig Bruce was in Brisbane, they weren’t going to miss the opportunity to have an aircheck with him.

The guys set up their tent in the bottom of the stairwell so they could definitely catch him when he walked in the door. It’s definitely one way to get noticed by the boss!
Dom Fay: “We heard he was in town but we didn’t know if he’d be able to sit down for an aircheck with us…so we set up camp to get the world’s quickest aircheck and catch-up with him while he walked up the stairs. The floor was pretty uncomfortable, the employees were very confused as they walked past in the morning (especially the newsroom and the breakfast show), and the very loud music throughout the station made it hard to sleep, but we got a few minutes with him so it paid off in the end.” 

This is the twitter feed for all the tweets from throughout the night for #campingforCB.

And here’s the tweet he sent Sam & Dom in the morning before the air check.

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