Barry oversees launch to 16 million Chinese

Barry Keohane will be known to many radio people. 

He is a former AFTRS graduate and has held a number of key programming roles with stations around Australia and overseas.  For the past 12 months or so, Barry has been working in China as the General Manager Content for the MYFM network.

He has had to deal with all the challenges you would expect from living in one of the world’s most populous and complicated countries.

From dealing with the communist government red tape associated with the media, to getting his head around the language, to travelling from city to city for work, to the vast complexities of day to day living in what can be the most foreign of places for an Australian.

China is in a real development boom at the moment, including an increasing variety of media options for it’s people. Heading into his second year in the country Barry is about to undertake a project that dwarfs anything he’s done previously.

He’s overseeing the launch of a new FM station in Guangzhou – a market of 16 million people.

radioInfo will have more details of the new Guangzhou station launch as it progresses.

If you’d like to see what life has been like in China, check out  Barry’s blog

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