BBC Radio 3 is going for a soothing walk in the forest

If you find the night time sounds from the zoo, the mooing of cows or the ticking of clocks soothing, BBC Radio 3 has you covered with its Slow Radio.

Already available as podcasts, Radio 3 will be offering a new permanent reoccurring Slow Radio slot on the station from early October.

Initially the half hour program will occur monthly on the station.

Radio 3’s next major Slow Radio moment; is its next Slow Radio walk. The slow radio movement is spreading to stations in other countries, with some stations in Australia (slowly) considering whether to make such programs.

For three hours on Christmas Eve, listeners will have the chance to traverse Germany with Horatio Clare listening from the comfort of their armchairs as he revels in the magic and mystery of walking deep in the forest.

Horatio Clare says: “The chance to walk and talk to Radio 3 listeners through the glades and moods of an ancient European forest at Christmas time would delight any writer. Who knows what we will find and feel?”

Alan Davey, Controller of BBC Radio 3, says: “A regular slow radio slot and our annual commitment to the pastime of walking are part of a deliberate effort to help people escape the frenzy of everyday life.

We feel strongly about offering the public a mindful experience, a place, a haven, where they can lose themselves in audio and sonic experiences.”

If programming on your station is part of the slow radio movement, please let us know so we can add your info to this report.


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