BBC releases stats to bolster Charter renewal

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

The BBC has released a nineteen page document with facts and figures about the corporation, following a recent presentation by the BBC’s Director of Strategy & Digital, James Purnell.

The document has been circulated to all former BBC employees who are in the BBC Alumni, a network designed to keep ex-BBC people up to date with the Corporation.

It points out that BBC Radio costs 7p per listener per day, and uses data from Bauer Media’s Compare My Radio tool to compare BBC Radio 1 favourably with Capital FM, for example.

12.7m people a day start the day with BBC radio stations, according to the document; 7.0m are listening to BBC Radio’s drivetime output.

The document also claims that support for the licence fee, which costs every British household £145.50 per year, is growing.

The document is available in full here.


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