Bedtime Explorers podcast has been nominated for a Webby Award

Kinderling Kids Radio’s internationally loved meditation series, Bedtime Explorers, has been shortlisted for a Webby Award in the Apps, Mobile and Voice – Health, Fitness & Lifestyle category.

Bedtime Explorers is an audio meditation series designed to get kids, and their grown-ups, ready for bed through a series of relaxing mindfulness exercises and each episode takes listeners on an imaginative journey that teaches them techniques that will help them relax and fall asleep.

The series is scripted and hosted by mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, a mum-of-three who founded of the online magazine Happy Mama.

In a category that will have a judges and a public winner, Bedtime Explorers is up against the Headspace voice app and Nike Coach, Sleep and Men’s Health Minute.

Kinderling Managing Director, Lorna Clarkson, says “All parents know the struggle of settling children down to sleep. So we developed Bedtime Explorers as a fun and imaginative way to help little ones calm down after a big day of learning, playing and growing. Not only is the series thoughtfully designed; teaching valuable self-regulation skills and techniques, it also works! We get constant messages of thanks from parents all over the world whose kids are now eager to go to bed, drifting off to sleep listening to their favourite episode. To be listed among such forward-thinking contemporaries for these awards is a huge honour for Kinderling.”

The Webby Awards were started in 1996,at the dawn of the internet, and are heralded as the internet’s highest honour and to be nominated is seen as a humbling reminder of the ground-breaking achievements Bedtime Explorers has made since launching in late 2017.

Kinderling Kids Radio is available across ARN’s DAB+ digital spectrum and iHeartRadio platform.

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