Ben & Liams’s home delivery

Nova 919’s Ben & Liam are doing their best to keep South Australians positive.
Having bought an old limousine last week, this morning Ben & Liam attempted to help put a smile on people’s dials, taking to the streets in their limo (the Ben & Liam-o) and cruising around Adelaide to drop off supplies to those in need while self-isolating. 
Armed with a boot full of supplies, including canned goods, toilet paper and chips, the boys hit the road looking to visit as many people as they could all over Adelaide.
Across the morning they had a number of stops including a lovely family home in Netley, a share house in Parkholme, a listener’s grandparents place in St Mary’s and a new Mum and baby in Mitchell Park. 
Liam says, “Nothing decent ever happens in the back of a limo but Ben and I changed that this morning, handing out groceries and supplies to our quarantined listeners. Everyone’s feeling the corona virus at the moment, but we sprung out of bed this morning knowing we could make a small difference by bringing the fun on the show.”

Listener Mark commented on Instagram: “In very concerning times I like many others am facing a potential job loss or some sort of cut soon, I’ve been feeling pretty flat about it all & it’s my birthday today & you legends made my day with that simple act of the beep and talking to me virtually via the radio was classic I had a massive smile on my face and a little laugh.. it’s times like these we need guys like you the most to lift our spirits so thank you lads big love ❤”


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