Brad finds his dad thanks to Triple M

Sometimes a son just needs to find his Dad. This week something very special happened on Triple M Brisbane’s Grill Team.


32 year old Brad, a father, husband and loving family man from Brisbane called Marto, Pete and Michelle and asked for their help.  Brad wanted to find his Dad. He had never met him, and his search had hit a brick wall.

Brad was on an emotional journey; a search for a parent who 32 years ago, chose to walk away.

Late last week Marto told a story on The Grill Team about one of his mates who had donated sperm years ago, only to now meet some of this children. Following this quick yarn on air, The Grill Team were deluged with a landslide of stories, all with happy endings.

Off air a guy called Brad rang producer Peta Hayes, his story was different.

His search to date for his father had been futile. So, Marto, Pete and Michelle became determined to help him. After a week of searching and fact-checking, there was good news awaiting Brad.

The Grill Team took the basic details to listeners: Brad’s mum is Barbara Hodges (now Morris). His dad took off before he was born although returned when Brad was 18 months old to fight for custody. His dad’s name is Alan Hyslop and he lived in Highgate Hill and worked at a large printing company in Brisbane.

Brad knew that his father fought as a soldier in Vietnam but did not have his service number.

After this went to air, a caller named Margaret phoned, believing she may be a former partner of Brad’s father, as the story was so similar, and that maybe her daughter Riana was Brad’s half-sister.

One of the questions Riana asked Brad was – did he have an Aunty called Rose? He said no. Again off-air, The Grill Team pushed Brad to double check with his mum, so he did; and just as well. It seems Brad’s Aunty Grace was often called “Rose.”


Then from this, Peta fielded a call from a woman saying she was Alan Hyslop’s wife and that yes, he was Brad’s father and that he had been searching for Brad for years. She was tentative though as it was such a big step and there were so many facts to be checked. She asked Peta to check: Does Brad have an older brother – the answer was yes.

The final question she asked was a hair raiser, she said that the man she was married to had a vintage bottle of wine that he had bought the day his son Brad was born, the label has Brad’s name and birthdate on it. She asked what was Brad’s birthdate. The date was Brad’s.

Today Brad (middle), pictured with Pete & Michelle, met his dad, thanks to Triple M.