Brad Geier wraps up a remarkable service to community radio and KLFM

After 40 years in community radio, 35 of them at Radio KLFM Victoria, Brad Geier has stepped back from the station he co-founded.

Geier was trained in broadcasting skills by Bob Taylor and Ian “Nicko” Nicholls at the Announcers Academy of Australia in 1983. He started on regional Victorian community station 3CCC later that year.

Not satisfied with just being a broadcaster, Geier wanted to learn everything about radio, from the legalities to technical and production. In 1984 he and friend Graeme Knight got together, designed and built a transmitter and studio in Geier’s bedroom and started pirate broadcasting. It was all going well until a knock on the door from the District Radio Inspector from the Dept of Communications.

This didn’t deter them with Geier and Knight conceiving KLFM shortly thereafter.

KLFM has gone from strength to strength with the technical assistance of Mike Tobin and some very well-known and respected broadcasters coming onboard along the way including Nicholls, John Paige, Barry Washington, Mike Howie, Barry Hanson, Graeme “Turps” Turpie, Derek Guille, Grant McMaster and more. Geier is pictured here with 3AW‘s Philip Brady. The average length of time volunteering at KLFM is 17 years.

Geier wrapped up on KLFM in February also ending 12 years on breakfast.

He said:

“I was 15 when I started volunteering at 3CCC then 20 when I launched head on to create KLFM and now I’m over 55. Wow, I really can’t believe how the times gone and I’ve had such a blast, I couldn’t wish for anything else, well, except maybe a chance to do some paid air shifts without having to run a station as well, or some narration and general voice over work or anything like that. That’s what I’d enjoy having a go at now.”

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