Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ratings analysis and comment


In Brisbane B105 remains in top spot on 20.3%, up a strong 2.4 share points since last survey, due to good gains in the 25-39 demographic and gains on weekends and ‘at work’ shifts. Second placed MMM also gained slightly, up 0.6 to 13.6%, equal with New97.3, which dropped 0.6 to the same figure of 13.6%. Like Melbourne Nova, the newness of the most recently launched stations is beginning to wear off and they can be expected to settle into a more stable position within the market as initial sampling tapers off.

4KQ came in at fourth place with 10.5%, up 0.3 on last survey due to gains on weekends. ABC612 was in fifth position with 7.8%, down significantly from its last survey figure of 10%. Losses at ABC612 came from the 55+ demographic and were felt most significantly in breakfast and drive slots which included Commonwealth Games Coverage.

4BH was in sixth place on 7.6%, down slightly by 0.2 share points, followed by 4BC at 7.2%, also down by 0.8 share points from last survey with falls in all weekday shifts. 4JJJ was up by 0.2 to 6.3%, Classic FM dropped by 0.1 to 2.5%, Radio National had a significant increase of 1.0 share points to 2.2% and NewsRadio was also up by 0.4 to 1.4%.


In Adelaide SAFM maintained its top position with 26.9%, up 1.1 share points on last survey with good gains 10-24 and a significant rise in breakfast. Second placed 5AA was also up, scoring 16.2%, a jump of 0.5 share points due to increases in breakfast, drive and weekends.

5MMM was in third place, slipping 0.8 share points to 12.0% with losses in the over 25 demographics. Mix 102.3 increased 0.7 share points in fourth place, scoring 11.6% on the back of gains in the 40+ demographics and increases in evenings and on weekends.

ABC891 was on 7.8%, down significantly like Brisbane. ABC891 slipped by 2.3 share points, indicating the Commonwealth Games coverage was not beneficial to either Brisbane or Adelaide ABC local radio stations. ABC891’s falls were in the 55+ demographic and across all Games timeslots.

5JJJ scored 6.2%, down 0.7 on last survey, followed by 5DN at 6.0%, up 0.4 share points with gains in 55+ indicating a flow through form ABC listeners looking for an alternative. Classic FM was on 3.7%, up by 0.5, Radio National scored 2.7, also up by 0.5 and NewsRadio was steady at 1.5%.


Perth’s top station, Mix 94.5 pulled further into the lead with an increase of 2.0 share points to 24.8%, resulting from strong gains in the 18-24 demographic and increases in all daytime shifts. Mix was well ahead in all daytime shifts, but there is a close battle for dominance of the evenings in Perth with 6PR, Mix, 92.9 and 96FM all within two share points of eachother in that timeslot. Second placed 92.9 was down 0.2 to 14.5 with a good gain in evenings offsetting slight falls in other shifts.

Third placed 96FM dropped 1.7 share points to 12.8 with falls in all shifts. 6PR was up 0.1 to 11.2% in a steady survey, and ABC720 was slightly down by 0.8 share points to 9.0%. 6JJJ scored 8.1%, down 0.2 and 6IX increased by 0.7 share points to 5.8% with good gains in breakfast and drive.

ABC Classic FM was up 0.2 to 2.4%, Radio National was down 0.5 to 1.6% and NewsRadio slipped 0.1 share points to 1.3%.