Brisbane’s 96five welcomes ACMA decision

Family Radio Limited, the licensee of Brisbane’s 96five, has welcomed the renewal of its license by the ACMA.

The renewal secures the continuation of a service that began test broadcasting in 1977 and received a permanent full-time license in 2001.

Chairman of Family Radio Limited, Stephen O’Doherty, said the renewal marked another significant milestone for the station.

“This comes just months into the ‘co-mission’ arrangement in which Brisbane’s Family Radio and Sydney’s Hope Media are working closely together to provide enhanced services to both cities,” he said.

The co-mission arrangement was approved by members of Family Radio Limited in June.

“We have already seen improvements both on air and in other aspects of our operation. Our listeners and supporters are already noticing a difference, with more improvements to come.

“As part of the license renewal process, the ACMA was keen to ensure that the new arrangement did not diminish local participation in 96five.

“The Board of Family Radio Limited provided an assurance of its enduring intention to provide ongoing, quality broadcasting by the Christian community of Brisbane, to serve the particular needs of the Christian community of Brisbane.

“We happily agreed to the Enforceable Undertakings suggested by the ACMA as an open sign of our intentions,” he said. 

Read more on the ACMA’s decision here.

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