Bryce & Trace get lucky in lucky dip

Hitz 939’s Bryce & Trace made a bizarre trade with an 8 year old Bundaberg boy who won more than he bargained for at the Bargara Strawberry Fair on the Fraser Coast.
Young Bailey Logan entered a lucky dip, where he won a bag including some bike magazines. When his family opened up the magazines, they found a centrefold with a naked lady, and three other raunchy posters.
The  breakfast duo, caught up with the mother, Sarah, this morning to chat about the prize. Things took an interesting twist when the guys asked Sarah what she had planned to do with the four posters.
Bryce & Trace offered a swap deal with Sarah for the photos with the most talked about topic in town, the new Golden Gaytime ice cream in a tub.
The new ice cream to hit supermarket shelves is currently sold out in Bundaberg, but Bryce and Trace managed to get their hands on one, take a few bites out of it and offered the half eaten tub of Golden Gaytime to Sarah, who accepted their offer!
Bryce said, “These posters were a must buy. I’m in the market for a motorbike and really liked the Harley Davidson they’ve used on the posters.”
Trace said, “I wasn’t too happy Bryce traded the ice cream, which I bought, for a couple of posters to put on his wall at home.”


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