Sea FM helps Hobart housefire

Sea FM’s Paul & Woody discovered Hobart’s immense goodwill when they received a call from Helisha this morning. 

Only 24 hours earlier Helisha’s brother Chris had come home to a nightmare. His house was on fire in the northern Hobart City of Glenorchy. The father of 3 had lost all his possessions, leaving him and his children with only the clothes on their backs and unfortunately, was not insured.

Distraught and not knowing what to do, sister Helisha picked up the phone and called Paul and Woody with a cry for help. The duo threw their planned show in the bin and asked Hobart to jump on board.

Rental properties, Furniture, food, clothes, toys, white goods were among the many things the people of Hobart were prepared to give for Chris.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and I’m still amazed by Hobart’s generosity” said Sea FM breakfast host, Woody.

Paul added “I’m use to giving away Ed Sheeran tickets and telling dick jokes. I can’t believe how wonderful the people are who listen to this show”.

Chris and his family have been left humbled by Hobart’s generosity; “Every day they are going through new stuff… It’s like opening Christmas presents every morning. It’s beautiful to see them still smiling”.

Chris plans to rebuild the home, with Hobart plumbing and building services calling Paul and Woody to donate their services.


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