In this business you always look to the next evolution: Smallzy tells Radio Randomly podcast

“How do we ensure the strength of radio continues into the future?” was the big question Smallzy tackled in this week’s Radio Randomly podcast with Gawndy.

Smallzy has now moved onto mornings on Nova Sydney, as well as retaining his national night show.

He explains to Gawndy that he took on the extra challenge as part of the evolution of his career and because everyone who works in radio has an role to play in keeping the business healthy in the face of change and competition.

“Every day we work hard, I have a great team around me who are as hungry to remain successful as I am…

“[Nova management] came to me and asked me to mix it up a bit… in this business you are always looking to the next evolution.

“I’ve been doing the night show for five years, it’s logical to think that the audience I started with has grown up, they may have moved dayparts, they may now be commuting [to work], there’s an opportunity to keep Top 40 radio engaging during the workday…

“It’s no secret that Top 40 music stations have been under threat from [lower] time spent listening and from the music streaming services, so how do we ensure the strenght of radio continues in the future? What we are doing in mornings is similar to what we have done at nights, a music entertainment based show where we engage the audience to lean into the radio.

“Nights music is more progressive than days music, but since I do have the thread between nights and days we have the chance to bridge songs that will be hits in the long run.”

The same team looks after both shows and Smallzy says he is so much busier now, but he is pleased to be local in the Sydney morning shift because he can engage better with his home market.

As he is getting older Smallzy sees himself changing a bit: “I think in my early days I was a perfectionist and I needed everything to be right… You come to a certain point in your life when you realise, you can chase perfectionism but it doesn’t exist.”


Listen to the podcast here.




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