C91.3 Getz a car comp

Campbelltown’s local radio station C91.3 has teamed up with Paul Wakeling Hyundai and Macarthur Square to give it’s listeners the chance to win a a brand new Hyundai Getz car.

“It’s a pretty cheeky promotion”, station manager, Phil Giblin told radioinfo. “We’ve put ten contestants on centre stage in Macarthur Square, and the last person to let go of the car Getz to drive it home.”

There’s a lot more riding on this promotion than just a play on words says Giblin, “it’s a partnership with two of our biggest and long time supporters.”

“We’ve only just celebrated our first birthday, and with more listeners than any other radio station, it’s a nice way to reward the people who’ve supported us. For the contestants on centre stage…it’s a fantastic prize. We ’ve had plenty of listeners just coming to Macarthur Square to see the ‘spectacle.”

All ten of the contestants were in great spirits at the beginning of the contest…but almost 24 hours on…the fatigue is starting to show. “We’ve already had three people pull out…but the last seven have that ‘hint’ of determination that says we could be here for quite some time yet… It’s purely an endurance promotion…but we’re taking it easy on them at the moment. They get a ten minute break every two hours, and we make sure they shower once a day. We’re feeding them regularly…and we let them sleep…but not too much.”