WOW FM Annual General Meeting

Wow FM in Sydney’s Western Suburbs is one of many community stations to have been granted a full time licence in the past year. The station’s Annual General Meeting was a significant moment for the station after many years of broadcasting on a temporary licence.

Newly elected Secretary Nicole Coffee reports on the AGM for radioinfo:

Friday the 18th September 2002 marked the end of the WOW FM 2001-2002 Board’s year. It was a very successful year for the WOW FM Board which included: (Acting) President: Noel Donohoe, Vice President: Dr William Gayed, Treasurer: Charley Tonna, Secretary: Barbara Saville, Marica Matinac, Louise Price.

The 2001-2002 Board was successful in raising the funds to renovate the office and tech room, as well as adding a second studio and lounge. Furthermore the Board was able to purchase a new satellite and five new computers.
The Board was also successful in receiving three grants. Digital Delivery Network, this grant gave the station access to a computer program that records programs from the satellite. The Community Access Network grant, which has given the station access to a better computer system including the Internet and the opportunity to establish our own website ( Finally the Board was successful in applying for a training grant.

WOW FM, with the assistance of the Board, was also able to take part in a number of fundraisers with the local community including; Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea, St Mary’s Band Club Bushfire Brigade fundraiser, Croatian Club Bushfire Brigade fundraiser and the Luddenham Boat and Model park Children’s fundraiser.

The Boards dedication to the community was expressed in their Open Day that invited the public the opportunity to come in to station as well as joining the local community in the St Mary’s Spring Festival. The Board also took the station to St Mary’s youth through the High School Disco, our very successful Kids hour, hosting school excursions and work experience programs and finally offering the station to the AFTRS students for their RUSH program. The Board also allowed the station to become involved in the Work For Dole program.

The new board hopes to continue with the its predecessors shining example. The new Board, elected on the night, is: President: Noel Donohoe, Vice President: Dr William Gayed, Treasurer: Charley Tonna, Secretary: Nicole Coffee, Vinnie Benzzini, Marica Matinac, Louise Price.