CBAA gets $2.8 million funding for national news

The CBAA has been awarded $2.8 million over four years to manage the Enhanced National News Project, a project to improve the quality and reliability of news content available to the community broadcasting sector and to provide audiences with respected, valued and well-utilised alternative news services.

The funding was made available by the Australian Government as a result of the passage of the Media Reform Package.

The CBAA says that with more people turning to the independent voices on community radio and pushing audience levels to nearly six million each week, this funding will enhance the news available to community radio listeners and over the next four years it will build capacity for local reporting, particularly for journalists in regional and remote communities.

The project will include:

  • Development of a Network Hub, a centralised content-sharing space.
  • Development of a platform and resources to encourage and support local broadcasters to read news and contribute content to local bulletins, including ready-to-air scripts, editorial/style guidelines, as well as providing ready-to-broadcast stories and bulletins.
  • In-person and online training to enhance journalistic skills.
  • Enhancing technology and infrastructure to improve the quality and reliability of news content available for broadcast.
  • Forming a News Advisory Group of community media journalists and news producers to encourage collaboration and inclusive reporting.




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