Chaser’s 12 week Triple M season concludes

The Chaser team has finished their 12 week run on Triple M Sydney.

Radio Chaser has been airing 11am-1pm Monday to Friday, and has reunited original members Charles Firth, Dom Knight, Andrew Hansen and Chris Taylor.

The satirical comedy group rated well in the recent Survey 4 GfK ratings.

The team have recently begun working with ex Austereo boss Brad March, whose stable of radio performers is growing.

So does that mean there’s more radio ahead for The Chaser?

Chaser’s Dominic Knight said:

“We only took the whole of Triple M Sydney off the air once, so it feels like the show was a success. I hope there are future opportunities to accidentally not be heard by Triple M listeners.”

Charles Firth from The Chaser said: “It was great to bring a bit of diversity to Sydney’s airwaves. It’s amazing that Triple M management had the guts to give
airtime to a bunch of middle-aged white men.”


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