Chocolate advertisers on air for Easter


Lindt was the most popular chocolate brand across radio and TV in the lead up to Easter for the second year in a row with 213 spots (down 47% compared to 401 spots last year).

Cadbury split their ads across two different brands, ‘Cadbury’ and ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk’, with a combined total of 256 spots to be the most aired Chocolate Advertiser.

Haigh’s Chocolates were in third place with 109 spots, however they ran the most spots on an individual station, with 82 spots solely on Hit107 Adelaide.

The ads from the Top 5 Chocolate Brands were most likely to be placed in the middle of an ad break, with only 7.5% of spots First or Last in break.

Looking what time of day the spots ran, they were most likely to fall in the evening, accounting for 37.3% of all spots aired.