Christian O’Connell’s listeners come to the rescue for Jaxon

The listeners of The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show have shown outstanding generosity to help out a little boy in need.
Jaxon is a five-year-old boy who was born severely deaf and lives with autism. He’s non-verbal with sensory processing issues and has trouble communicating.
Jaxon’s dad Matthew is a volunteer firefighter and one of his colleagues Robyn emailed Christian asking for help to raise the money the family needs to buy an assistance dog for Jaxon from Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation  ‘Dogs For Kids With Disabilities’.
Matthew and his wife Donna had already raised $7000 of the $10,000 needed for their son, and Christian called on his listeners to help them realise their dream.
Within minutes of sharing Jaxon’s story, listeners had called in and donated more than $11,000 – before the ad break was over.
Christian was blown away at the generosity of listeners, but it didn’t stop there.
This morning, more than $15,000 was raised which means not only does Jaxon get an assistance dog but the remaining money will go towards helping another young child and their family buy an assistance dog.
The dog will be Jaxon’s ears, allowing him to stay safe, give him some independence, and provide reassurance in difficult times for Jaxon by ‘hugging’ him.




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