Classical music podcast for pre-schoolers

ABC’s Classic Kids: Sounds Like Australia guides children through the wonders of classical music

ABC Classic FM and ABC KIDS listen have launched Classic Kids, a podcast focusing on Australian-made music that gives children an opportunity to learn about instrument sounds, develop their music vocabulary and explore the importance of listening. 

Narrated by Play School’s Luke Carroll, the podcast Tells the story of Kirra Quokka as she sets off on a musical adventure across Australia, and features an all-Australian classical soundtrack arranged by composer Jessica Wells, and performed by Ensemble Offspring.

 A second series of Classic Kids: Music for The Dreaming, will launch later in 2018.

 Stephanie Carrick, Manager of ABC KIDS listen said: Classic Kids creates evocative soundscapes to enhance understanding of how instruments work together.  We’re delighted to showcase the ABC’s proven strength in developing child-led content in this new initiative to entertain and educate children.”

Toby Chadd, Content Manager of ABC Classic FM, added: Classic Kids is a hugely exciting opportunity to introduce pre-schoolers to classical music. This project has a uniquely home-grown flavour, featuring world-class Australian musicians and composers. We look forward to helping children take their first steps on what we hope is a lifelong journey with music.”

Listeners can attend performances of Sounds like Australia and Music for The Dreaming live on stage at Sydney Opera House in May and August 2018. 

The Classic Kids podcast is available on ABC KIDS listen; you can find it online by visiting the Classic Kids program page on the KIDS listen website, or download the ABC KIDS listen app free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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