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Community radio podcast 'New and Noteworthy'

Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Sydney community broadcaster 2SER 107.3's first original podcast series Just Words is proving to be a hit with audiences as it rises in the charts; entering into the top 100 and featuring in iTunes' "New & Noteworthy" section.

Just Words goes beyond the hype and headlines of Australia's race laws and gets the true stories of 18C. Section 18C is the part of the Racial Discrimination Act that makes it illegal to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate someone based on race. 

The series launched February 27 and features original interviews with individuals who have been involved with 18C, including artist Bindi Cole, journalist Daniel Browning, Townsville comedian King Billy Cokebottle and more, who reveal rare and unexpected insights.

By blending reflections with real-time developments, Just Words offers a timely investigation into the heated debate about freedom of speech, especially at this critical moment with the recent announcement of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's decision to reform 18C. 

Through an in-depth approach, the series reveals that the issues about 18C are much deeper, and especially, the words 'insult' and 'offend'—which are now likely to be removed—are not the [cause of] problems identified by conservative parties. 

The first three episodes are available, with the fourth to be released today. Catch up on the debate—and series—now: 

  • Episode 1: 'History v Denial' - Australia isn't like other countries around the world where Holocaust denial is a crime and there were almost no ways to legally challenge this until section 18C was introduced in 1994. But with some calling for reform or removal of 18C, the Jewish community could be on the brink of losing their most powerful tool in their fight against anti-Semitism.
  • Podcast special - Following release of the Freedom of Speech in Australia Parliamentary Inquiry report, an expert panel dissect and discuss the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee. Featuring Professor Adrienne Stone (Melbourne Law School), Simon Breheny(Institute of Public Affairs) and Linda Tucker (Redfern Legal Centre).
  • Episode 2: 'Identity v Bad Journalism' - The case of Bolt v Eatock is what catapulted 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act into the media spotlight and fanned the flames that reignited the culture wars over this 20 year old piece of legislation. Going beyond the headlines, this case is really about some lazy journalism by Andrew Bolt and the idea of where your identity comes from.
  • Episode 3: 'A Comedian, an Activist and a Mudcrab' - From radio to pubs to nightclubs, King Billy Cokebottle was one of Australia's most established and renowned underground comedians. But that all changed when an 18C claim was brought against him. This story is about one of the few 18C cases to successfully use the exemptions of 18D.
  • Episode 4: Prior v QUT - It's a case that asks more questions than it answers. In 2013, three non-Indigenous students walked into an Indigenous computer lab. What happened next nobody could have predicted. The court documents tell you that the case was Cynthia Prior against the Queensland University of Technology and three students. But the media conducted their own trial, and put the Human Rights Commission on the stand. 

Just Words is an original 2SER podcast—the seven-part series is hosted by Nic Healey (2SER Breakfast), with Executive Producer Emma Lancaster (The Wire). New episodes are released each Monday. 

Subscribe at iTunes or search "Just Words" on other podcasting apps. It is also available online at

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