Conference supporting technologists in community broadcasting

Registrations are now open for Technorama, a conference supporting technologists in Community Broadcasting.

It will be held in Campbelltown (Sydney) next month, 16-18 June 2017.

Technorama was created in 2008 when four passionate technologists (John Maizels, Chris Deacon, Mike Tobin, and Steve Hutson) were appointed as founding members of the CBAA’s Technical Standing Committee.

The team identified that an annual get-together of technologists was desperately needed as a community-building activity for sector technologists, and that the meeting would need to be held independently of CBAA National Conference.

The first Technorama was held in September 2009, and since then Technorama conferences have been hosted annually in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney.

The special guest for TR17 is Steve Farrugia.

Steve is Chief Technical Officer for Broadcast Australia  and is actively working on the future of communications in Australia.

You can register for the June conference here.

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