Could smoothfm presenter David Campbell’s son be Princess Di reincarnate?

There’s no denying that smoothfm’s David Campbell has led an extraordinary life.

The multi-talented performer who is as comfortable in Broadway style musicals as he is in jazz clubs and ballrooms also had the rare experience of becoming an adult before discovering who his father was. In this case, it was Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes.

Spooky as that may sound, it seems to run in the family.

In an article in Stellar Magazine (subscription required), the 45-year-old confessed that his four year old son seemed to be channelling the late Princess Diana.

According to Campbell, his son Billy thinks he is the reincarnation of the late Princess Diana.

Despite knowing nothing about the royals, by the age of two, he pointed to a picture of Di and said, “Look, it’s me when I was a princess.”

Billy also mentioned his two ‘boys’  William and Harry. 

Things became even more spooky when Billy described Balmoral Castle, a place Diana had visited many times, looked like – without ever having seen it for himself.
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