A countdown to rival the Hottest 100

2EC on the NSW Far South Coast is in its final days of completing a mammoth countdown.

After opening the voting to 2EC listeners on December 1st, at 9am on Boxing Day the radio station kicked off 2EC’s Top 2014 Songs of All Time Countdown. The song list, also available at the station’s website was made up of songs from the 60’s through until today.

Program Director Michael Moffett said: “Everyone was loving the countdown, with a lot of calls from people having BBQ’s and parties for summer, singing along to the music”.

While the station has done Top 500’s, 250’s and 100 countdowns in the past, Moffett continued saying: “This one was definitely the biggest. We wanted to show that even in places like Bega and Bateman’s Bay we can do things big for our audience.There’s been mention of it being the largest ever on Australian radio, but we’ll have to check that one out”.

After starting on Boxing Day and expecting completion this week, the countdown will have run for 21 days. 2EC expects the countdown to reach the number 1 song by around 3pm on Wednesday afternoon.