CRA launches new DAB+ campaign at conference: #CRAconf

During her welcome speech at this years Commerial Radio Conference, CEO Joan Warner launched a new marketing campaign for DAB+ digital radio featuring Australian beatboxer Tom Thum, creatively illustrating the many different genres and stations available on DAB+ digital radio in Australia, through the use of his incredible vocal techniques.
Previewed at the National Radio Conference on the Gold Coast today, the DAB+ digital radio beat box campaign featuring four radio ads and a video takes digital radio promotion in a new direction.  Tom Thum, who racked up a TEDx record of 42 million YouTube views, features in both the radio ads and video, using his lips, mouth and voice to mimick the different formats available on digital radio.
Warner says “The industry was looking for an innovative way of communicating the variety of DAB+ digital stations to audiences and to show there is something for everyone on digital radio.”  
The idea behind the video and radio ads came from Ralph van Dijk, creative director of awarding winning radio specialist agency, Eardrum.  “We wanted to develop a campaign for digital radio that was creative, simple, funny, visually entertaining and that had a sound that could break through when played on any radio station.”
The video, directed by Jeremy Koren (aka Grey Ghost), features beatboxer Tom Thum filmed inside a large purpose-built set, designed to represent a stylised digital radio, showing the circuits, wires and mechanics of the device.  As the station changes, Tom beat boxes to different genres including sport and music: from rock to hip hop, heavy metal, jazz and more.  The beat builds, and the music changes, showing the diversity of genres available on digital radio.
Building on the highly successful previous Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas digital radio campaigns, this series of four  new radio ads and the video, will be played across all DAB+ digital radio stations plus 42 commercial stations in the five state metropolitan markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide beginning on Monday, 12 October. 
In addition to the ads, video and sponsorship the radio industry has launched a new DAB+ digital radio website.  It features the all-of-industry Digital Radio Plus blue cross logo produced by multiple award winning creative, John Mescall in 2008. The website allows for easier navigation and provides new content, including information regarding DAB+ in vehicles and the latest global developments.


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