#CRAconf: “Create something that will last”

Sean Cummins is CEO of Cummins & Partners, a creative agency that has won many awards and responsible for branding campaigns for Jeep (“I bought a Jeep”), Vodafone, Heidi Klum, RSPCA and Tourism Victoria.  In 2014 Cummins became the first creative to ever win ADMA Australian marketer of the year.

Cummins spoke at the National Radio Conference about branded content, and shared a few tips about creating campaigns that last.

– Future proof your idea.  Long lasting campaigns make you more important in the eyes of your client
– Create something that will last the test of time
– Use your creativity to make your clients product interesting
– Keep ideas fresh.  Look for big ideas that create a good creative base for a campaign
– Look at what stops people buying a brand, as well as what makes them buy it.
– Forget story telling.  Find and angle of hook that will sell your product

Cummins also spoke about creating online content and what will make you stand out. He researched the two main things people view online – “How to” videos, and music videos.

Cummins and Partners also worked on Heidi Klum’s intimate campaigns, which came about from a chance meeting.  “Take a meeting as you never know what may come out of it”, says Cummins.

“Also make sure you ego doesn’t get in the way”.

Cummins was also asked how do you know your campaign has been successful – is it how much product you move, or how many clicks of views a piece of content receives?

“You know what, we measure everything, but we really don’t know what it all means”.


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