Craig’s new career is no laughing matter

Comedians Charlie Pickering, Shaun Micallef, Anh Do, James O’Laughlin, Libby Gorr, Tom Gleisner, Steve Vizard and Jane Turner are all one, alongside ABC 774’s Jon Faine and former 7HO FM announcer Tori Hodgman.
But what exactly?
Lawyers…and I am sure the list could be a lot longer.
However, unlike the names above former Star FM and SA FM breakfast announcer Craig Annis is doing it the other way around.
He had the showbiz career first not only working in radio but as a stand-up comedian. This year he leaves breakfast radio behind and returns to University to study Law.
Kim Napier caught up with Craig to find out why.
 “Well, I got so sick of seeing FM presenters in trouble with codes breaches, so I thought, I should do my bit to help. JOKES!
I somehow convinced my fiancé to follow me to Adelaide for 2 years in 2010 when I was at SAFM and then when that show finished up, I again used my powers of persuasion to negotiate a move to Sydney for 2 years, then that became 3 years, so in that regard, I think law is in my nature.
Seriously though, when Jess said she wanted to move back to Melbourne (she was getting tired of seeing her friends kids growing up on Facebook and as we are planning a wedding, she wants to be dress shopping and stuff with her mum as much as possible) I was looking at my options and I got into Law at the end of high school, it’s always interested me, so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring… And by some freak of nature, I got in”.
It’s a 3-year full-time degree so is Craig ready to return to life as a student after studying at the Victorian College of the Arts when he first left school?
“You’re right! I was in Melbourne over the Christmas break and was amazed at how expensive it’s become; I blame the hipsters! They must be making money off their Instagram accounts and Tumblr pages and they’ve jacked up the prices of everything! 
I don’t mind the student life.  I love 2 minute noodles and walking everywhere…
We’re actually going to move in with Jess’s parents for a while to save some money for the wedding.  Everyone’s like “How are you going to go living with the in-laws???” I actually LOVE my in-laws, Jess’s Dad is excited to have a gym buddy and Jess’s Mum is excited to have some help around the house.  We’re really lucky to have their support”. 
 Do you still plan to work in radio?
I really hope so!  I love radio, I love the industry and the people. I’m doing late nights on Star at the moment until we move which I LOVE! It’s fun brushing the cobwebs off as it’s been a while since I’ve done music after doing breakfast for so long.
Ideally I’d love to do late nights in Melbourne or weekend breakfast with someone.  Late nights certainly suit my night owl tendencies”.
 It is funny how law and comedy seem to go hand in hand based on the number of comedians with a law background. Why do you think that is?
 “I think both require the same thing – comedians essentially build a case on their world view or perspective on an issue in much the same way a lawyer does, they present their evidence in the form of jokes and their closing statement is usually the punchline.  The only difference with the comic is that they are generally convincing you of something that you haven’t thought of before and the shock of that brings laughter, that and comedians often get paid ALOT less…” 

              Kim Napier  

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