Cricket Australia ‘shocked’ after SCA’s decision to opt out of radio rights

‘Why did they do the backflip?’

Cricket Australia’s executive GM of media, communications and marketing Ben Amarfio has told AdNews that the organisation was confused by SCA’s decision to opt out of its radio rights, after at first indicating it had every intention of renewing the deal, and seeming ‘desperate’ to keep the rights before pulling out.

“We were shocked because the week prior to them pulling out, they told us how keen and interested they were and how desperate they were to have it,” says Amarfio, who previously worked as SCA Melbourne GM.

“They came in and did a presentation about how desperately they wanted the rights and all the rest of it, a week later, they do a backflip. Why did they do the backflip? Who knows.”

The move made room for Macquarie Media which then landed a six-year deal, with Crocmedia and the ABC also signing broadcast agreements. 

Cricket Australia still has no explanation as to the motivation behind the sudden change of heart by SCA.

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