Dashboard entertainment and Radio more important during COVID: Xperi

A US consumer survey released by Xperi has found that for nearly half of vehicle owners (47%), their personal vehicle is more important than ever to them today versus pre-COVID.

Main reasons include a discomfort with public transportation or ride-sharing (28%) and a perception that their vehicle is a place of refuge during these challenging times (27%).
The feeling that their personal vehicle is more important than ever is most prevalent among Millennials (61%) and Gen Z (59%) and having children in the household enhances the vehicles importance.

The importance of radio in the dashboard in heavily underlined with 91% believe it is an important addition and 72% saying it is indispensable or very important, as having access to local news during the pandemic is more crucial.
Dashboard entertainment/ information is more important to vehicle owners, and the top reason attributed to the higher importance is the ability to listen to music as an anxiety reliever (25%).

Among generations, Gen Z (64%) and Millennials (61%) are far more inclined than Gen X (47%) and Baby Boomers (33%) to view dashboard entertainment/information with greater importance today, versus pre-COVID.


For Gen Z in particular (38%), listening to music in their vehicle serves as an anxiety reliever.
More than half (52%) of vehicle owners say the kind of content they listen to in their vehicle has changed versus pre-pandemic with some respondents listening to much more news on the radio (16%), some to less news and more music stations (15%).
Fewer state they are listening to more podcast content (7%).
Free versus subscription appears to be the key with roughly four in five vehicle owners (79%) saying they feel it is very important that listening choices in their vehicle are free.
60% agree that radio is great when they run out of things to listen to in their media library, and 58% mainly listen to their pre-programmed radio stations.

The report represents the findings of an online CARAVAN survey conducted by ENGINE Insights to assess car owner attitudes about in-vehicle infotainment during the COVID ‘new normal’.



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