A desperate plea for help

radioinfo has been contacted by Bronte and Tommy from SYN/88.3FM in desperate need of our help. 

And why would we say no to two young aspiring radio announcers.

On their last show they both revealed their C grade celebrity crushes. Now since you have come to us for help, we’ll also offer a little advice.

Tommy let the cat out the bag that he is Sam Armytage from Sunrise’s biggest fan. He even made his girlfriend buy him a copy of her book and would like help to score a date with her.

Here’s the advice. If you’re trying to woo a high profile media presenter best not refer to her as a C grade celebrity – ouch!

The revelation has been sent to Sam and they are suspensefully awaiting her reply. 

In the meantime if you have some time up your sleeve to be Tommy’s ultimate wingman and help him achieve his dream date, feel free to jump on board.


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