Digigram to Provide Sound Cards for Jelli RadioSpot™ Programmatic Ad Platform

Digigram has announced that its VX222e series of sound cards has been selected by Jelli for integration into the company’s RadioSpot™ programmatic advertising platform, engineered to streamline the buying and running of radio ads. Digigram’s analog and digital stereo sound card will provide the RadioSpot platform with the broadcast-quality audio that is so critical in the playout of commercial content.

“Broadcast engineers are familiar with the quality and reliability of Digigram products, and so they understand the performance benefits that Digigram’s VX222e sound card brings to our RadioSpot appliance,” said Jateen Parekh, chief technology officer at Jelli. “As the industry makes the leap from decades-old processes to the more sophisticated, intelligent, and efficient model enabled by RadioSpot, it’s important for radio broadcasters to have confidence in the technology that underpins our programmatic advertising platform.”

Digigram’s VX222e stereo sound card includes balanced analog inputs and outputs with 24-bit converters, as well as digital input/output in AES/EBU or S/PDIF formats. Special features include two general-purpose inputs and two general-purpose outputs. Support for leading PC audio drivers allows this high-quality card to integrate smoothly into the solutions created by Digigram partners such as Jelli.

“We are proud to welcome Jelli as a new OEM partner because the company’s innovative solutions leverage our technology in a smart and creative new way,” said Stéphane Bert, head of technical support at Digigram. “RadioSpot offers radio stations and media outlets a very appealing alternative for buying and running ad spots, and we’re confident that our VX222e sound card will contribute to the quality and ongoing success of this smart platform.”