Digital radio too young for Holden

Digital radio is like a young wine. Not ready to drink yet, Holden Chairman tells Trevor Long.


Football, meat pies, Kangaroos but no digital radios yet for Holden cars. Holden’s Chairman & Managing Director Mike Devereux told Trevor Long in his weekly Your Tech Life podcast that Holden is not yet ready to put digital radios in its cars, comparing the technology to a young wine.

“I think it’s a bit of wine before its time… but I do think it will be a very short period of time before the capability to broadcast in digital is ubiquitous around the country.”

LIsten to Trevor Long’s conversation with Deveraux here.

The Holden MD is concerned that digital radio does not yet cover the whole country. 

Devereux is clear that “it’s on the radar” for Holden, however he points out that “the early adoption of digital radio in this market, for example in Melbourne, is a bit clunky right now, there are certain places where it won’t work, and you’ll see a cut over as you’re driving where you lose the signal”

“This is a big country and people do go from big CBD’s out to places like Ballarat in Melbourne or down in Sydney to the ‘Gong’. You do need coverage – it can be a disconnected consumer experience right now to drive around the country with digital radio,” he told Long.

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